WAMO, 2016 – 2018

Market study & Support in defining the marketing strategy

Fiona Geyer & Andréa Bokser were leaders of a project incubated in Outdoor Sports Valley and were in the process of creating a brand of clothing products for the climbing and outdoor lifestyle sector.

The project leaders wanted to have market research carried out to verify the relevance of their product concept, to gain a multi-dimensional view of consumers, to verify the validity of the project relative to the market, to understand the behavior and consumption patterns of their target customers, and to establish acceptable price thresholds, brand name(s) they may like and the marketing & communication strategy to put in place.

Our mission?

_ To prepare and run working meetings on strategy;
_ To supervise progress in producing the marketing strategy, targeting of customers and their behavioral segmentation, choice of brand name and creation of logo;
_ To make strategic recommendations and operational recommendations;
_ To prepare the market research logistics and tools;
_ To select professional participants and consumer panels;
_ To run focus groups and conduct individual interviews;
_ To collect and analyze data;
_ To formulate recommendations;
_ To write and present a report of the results

Les résultats ?


semi-directive guide for qualitative interviews


semi-directive guide for focus group


focus groups


individual interviews


operational recommendations


market research report


working meetings


brand platform


brand name


marketing strategy


brand platform

The study tools?

2 videos presenting the product concept

18 boards presenting materials, concepts and products

The results?

Excerpt from the market research report (57 pages)

In the client’s own words

We contacted SWiTCH to help us launch our project. We needed to validate certain concepts for our new clothing brand with our users. Armelle threw herself 100% into our project and provided us with a very comprehensive study on a fast-changing market. As the focus groups and interviews with professionals progressed, their feedback allowed us to refine our offering and ask ourselves the right basic questions. The service was in the image of the agency: rigorous and good-humored! From it, we learned more about the behaviors of our consumers. In the end, this study was invaluable to us as it not only confirmed the relevance of our brand, but also meant that we didn’t embark on a costly “real fake good idea” in our first collection. 
Many thanks to SWiTCH and in particular to Armelle!  
Fiona Geyer & Andréa Bokser, co-founders of WAMO