Savoie Station Ingénierie Touristique, Mer Montagne Vacances, SATVAC & SOREMET , 2019

Benchmark study, market research & production of strategic recommendations

A consortium, comprising an investor and mountain tourist real-estate operator (MMV), two mechanical lift operators in the Sybelles (SATVAC & SOREMET) and a key stakeholder in the mountain economy, Savoie Stations Ingénierie Touristique (SSIT), which supports small, medium and large mountain resorts to manage changes and challenges in the tourism sector, wanted to understand the key attractiveness factors of mountain tourism in summer and also what the associated visitor types were.

Our mission?

_ To understand the dynamics of summer tourism in the mountains

_ To conduct market research into the attractiveness criteria relating to the mountains in summer, tourist profiles (segmentation, consumption patterns, budget, length of stay, etc.) and their geographical segmentation, the differentiating and added-value-creating activities perceived by visitors, etc.

_ To compare in the field and analyze 5 mountain resorts in France and/or other countries to identify the success criteria for summer activities, the originality and variety of offerings, and any complementarity in winter, the good practices to be adopted and the mistakes to be avoided, and the organizational and financial aspects (project governance, mobilization of local stakeholders, business model & funding, non-reliance on weather conditions, marketing and communication, visitors’ means of payment, etc.). Ideally, to identify projects in mountain resorts in France and other countries presenting key success factors which could be duplicated and/or adapted to French destinations.



field audit & benchmark in 5 destinations in France, in Switzerland and in Austria


qualitative interviews with managers of mountain resorts (tourist offices and/or mechanical lifts) in France and other countries.


qualitative interviews with visitors in France and other countries


photographs taken on location


documents collected on location and analyzed


synthesis of existing studies of the profiles & behaviors of visitors to the mountains in summer


studies carried out between 2011 and 2019 on visitors to the mountains in summer compiled and analyzed


illustrated pages of the report


operational recommendations

The results?

Excerpt form the report presenting the results