EDGE (Edgar Grospiron), 2013 – 2021

Personal branding, marketing & commercial strategy, website, automation marketing, white papers, video production, brand content & community management of Edgar Grospiron

Olympic Champion, triple World Champion, Knight of the Legion of Honor, author of a biography which became a best seller, international entrepreneur and lecturer, Edgar Grospiron wished to be supported on social networks to develop his activity and enhance his image with his public.

The objectives?

_To support the marketing of Edgar Grospiron via his company EDGE.
_To moderate all Edgar Grospiron’s social network spaces, mainly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and above all LinkedIn.
_To develop the visibility and awareness of Edgar Grospiron’s activity on social networks: his lectures and his involvement in the organization of the Olympic Games.
_To generate hot commercial leads to develop Edgar Grospiron’s activity as a speaker.

Action plan

_ Creation of a brand platform & a marketing strategy
_ Definition of an editorial line, tones to be adopted and a graphic style
_ Coordinating the client’s presence and profiles on social networks + Moderating the community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn since September 2015
_ Production of the brand content for social networks & Active recruitment of the community on these 3 networks
_ Setting up a competition on Facebook, writing and filing of competition rules with a bailiff
_ Monitoring & managing of the e-reputation + Monthly reports
_ Design and development of EDGE’s new website using responsive design: http://www.grospiron.net
_ Writing of a white paper + Rollout of a marketing automation campaign

Results? (between Sept. 2015 and August 2020)

+5,3 millions

reach of posts on LinkedIn per year

272 %

minimum engagement level on Facebook

+ 36,280

contacts on LinkedIn

+ 594,446

views per month on LinkedIn (average)

+ 4,070

followers on Twitter




responses to private messages / year


white paper


marketing automation campaign

6 869

emails sent


brand platform


marketing strategy


graphic charter




award: 1st place at the Communication Trophies in the category “Best Website”


lectures in one year (after the 1st year of speaking on social media)


of turnover is generated via social media


Posts on 13 February 2017, on the 25th anniversary of Edgar Grospiron’s gold medal at the Albertville Olympic Games

18 planches de présentation des matières, des concepts et des produits

In the client’s own words

The work you do on social media is top quality. Your results testify to this. I am glad I put my trust in you and switched my communication budget to social networks. There are more and more conference opportunities which are made possible thanks to your work. 
Well done to you and your team! 
Thank you for your professionalism! 
Edgar Grospiron (2017)

Thank you, Armelle!  As far as I can see, we are super well-equipped to sell now. We have a great product and a super showcase. Everything is consistent: product, platform, website, communication... Hyper-professional. Very well done for your work. It’s worth saying ... and being celebrated!  
Edgar Grospiron (2020)