Chamrousse Tourist Office, , 2021

Qualitative study, Benchmarking, Definition of marketing strategy, Creation of marketing & communication action plan

Chamrousse is a mountain resort at an altitude of 1,400 m to 2,250 m, comprising 4 villages, 42 downhill ski pistes and 9 cross-country ski pistes, and a hugely rich natural, historic and cultural heritage. The destination is 30 minutes from a local visitor catchment population of over 765,000. A new marketing and communication dynamic, and ambitious tourist real-estate and infrastructure development projects have been launched over the past 4 years. But Chamrousse needed additional marketing & communication support, and also the setting up of an effective governance.

Our mission?

_ Our mission consisted of finding a differentiating positioning (and rolling it out in a marketing action plan), but above all a coherent one, anchored in Chamrousse’s identity and history.

_ To do so, in the first phase of our mission, we undertook a benchmark mission with comparable and competitor destinations, and a participatory and interactive approach by consulting the resort’s stakeholders (elected officials, retailers, activity providers, hosts, restaurateurs, representatives of mechanical lifts, etc.). For the second part of the mission, we worked in close collaboration with the team at the Tourist Office to give Chamrousse a clear view of the marketing strategy to be adopted and the action to be taken to make it more attractive and increase visitor numbers.

Les résultats ?


benchmarking of 24 destinations in France and other countries


134-page detailed presentation of the marketing strategy, including a SWOT analysis, a destination diagnosis, a brand platform, target customers and their segmentation, key messages, positioning and signature.


131-page detailed presentation of the marketing & communication action plan, the thresholds/objectives to be achieved and the assessment tools for each action, the 3-year calendar, the budget, etc.


Operational recommendations

And then?

Chamrousse Town Hall has just commissioned SWiTCH to put a governance in place at the heart of the resort.

What did the client think?

We naturally turned to Armelle Solelhac and SWiTCH. After a few meetings, we had clarified our different needs for the Tourist Office and also for the “Chamrousse” resort. Armelle Solelhac played her role perfectly as an external service provider, in order to collect valuable information in the most optimal conditions during the workshops. A huge effort was made by the area's stakeholders and SWiTCH. We now have a vision, a precise course, shared by us all. 
Marius DOMPNIER, Deputy Director of the Tourist Office