Beaumier, 2021

Reflection on the brand’s core values and the corporate culture, and creation of the group’s CSR strategy.

A group of high-end hotels created in 2011 and comprising 4 establishments in the French Alps, 3 in Luberon and 1 on the Côte d’Azur. An exclusive chalet offering is also available. The “Les Hôtels d’En Haut” affiliate brand (HEH) was established in 2014. 5 years later, KSL Capital Partners™ took over the hotel group and confirmed its wish to drive forward the business’ development in Europe. The objective is to have 15 “lifestyle” hotels, for leisure breaks.

Our mission?

_ Important work was first carried out on the brand (brand platform, storytelling about the past, a love of travel, sport and escape) to develop a strong collective culture. But this work was not sufficiently differentiating relative to HEH’s competitors. It was essential to inject more emotion into the customer experience and to give greater meaning to the work carried out by both the seasonal and permanent employees. Furthermore, we had to respond to current social challenges by developing a real Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in the group and raising all employees’ awareness about this subject.

_ We first worked with the management and all the operational teams to jointly build the brand’s core values. This led to the production of a corporate Culture Book in FR and ENG which presented 1 manifesto, 5 core values, customer reviews and employee reports showing the reality of these values in the business, and photos illustrating this mindset.

_ We then held interviews with all the employees in the group’s establishments, and analyzed and synthesized the data collected to produce the initial results. We continued with research, benchmark and prospective work regarding CSR in the hotel and hospitality sector, which we committed to a report. After presenting all these results to the group’s teams, we organized and ran brainstorming workshops with the teams and management to define the group’s CSR strategy. We wrote the company’s “CSR Book” which presents, in FR and ENG, the 4 strategic axes meeting the 8 challenges identified to steer the CSR policy , the 22 commitments and the group’s 16 motivations, the key success factors, and the 14 steps in the group’s CSR approach.

_ In parallel with these two phases, we also made “mystery visits” to the group's hotels to fully experience the guest’s reality, understand the drawbacks and highlight the strong points.

_ The “Les Hôtels d’En Haut” brand is to become “BEAUMIER” in 2021.

The results?


individual meetings with the group’s CEO about the company’s values and culture


workshops with the teams on values and the CSR strategy


hours of individual qualitative interviews with employees from the hotels and the head office


report presenting the company’s 5 core values and culture in FR & ENG


report presenting and raising awareness of CSR and best practices in the high-end/luxury hotel sector (60 pages)


report, in FR & ENG, presenting the group’s CSR strategy containing...


strategic CSR axes responding to...


challenges in steering the company’s social responsibility policy with...


commitments, 16 motivations and 14 steps in the group’s CSR approach.

The results?

Excerpt from the presentation of the brand’s core values and the corporate culture, the “Culture Book”.

Excerpt from the report presenting and raising awareness of CSR and best practices in the high-end/luxury hotel sector.

Excerpt from the presentation of the CSR strategy, the “CSR Book”.