API-K, 2021

Market research, Branding, Definition of the marketing strategy, Creation of the marketing & communication action plan

API-K was established in April 2018 to develop and market beacons emitting GPS signals, using LoRa IoT technology and transporting “light” data. The data can be analyzed and managed by artificial intelligence. Since 2019, a network has started to be installed in the mountains with antennas (range of 30 to 40 km, monitored by satellite) and partnerships have been forged with PGHM and ESF. This equipment helps locate people in difficulty (injured, lost, management of presence in gondola car, etc.) and prevent accidents (collisions between snow groomers and skiers, the avalanche trigger and intervention plan, ski lessons, groups with mountain guides and leaders, etc.), but it is also used to manage car parks, weather stations, and a multitude of human activities in the mountains, in coastal areas, at events etc. The potential is enormous!

Our mission?

_ API-K was reviewing its B2C marketing strategy. It therefore wanted some assistance in gaining better knowledge of the B2C market, producing a marketing strategy and defining a marketing and communication action plan targeting the general public.

_ After preparing our working materials, we held a workshop with the API-K management team looking at elements of language, storytelling and the presentation of products to the general public.

 _ We then organized and conducted market research in the field with potential users, specialist retailers of outdoor sports gear, specialist journalists, etc. in the form of 3 focus groups with a selection of 24 panelists from 36 to 40 years old. We adopted 2 approaches: “spontaneous” and “assisted”.

_ We collected and analyzed the data, produced the initial recommendations and wrote an interim report setting out the results that we then presented at a meeting with the client.

_ We organized and ran 3 workshops with API-K’s management team on the brand, its marketing positioning, its distribution etc. We then devised recommendations, produced a marketing & communication action plan and wrote the 2 reports setting out the results, which we presented at a meeting with the client.

The results?

In the client’s own words

We were all absolutely delighted with this collaboration to firmly establish the basics and have a healthy outlook for the future... Thank you for the quality of your support and advice.
Pascal Roux, Directeur Général / CEO